Floor Hockey Study Guide

The students will take a test covering the rules and strategies of floor hockey on 1/29/16. Below is a study guide:

Floor Hockey Study Guide

  • A face off occurs at the start of each game and after a team scores a goal.
  • To correctly hold the hockey stick your dominant hand needs to be placed at or below the middle of the stick; and your non-dominant hand needs to be placed at the upper portion of the stick
  • Zone defense requires a defense player to defend a particular area of the court/field
  • A “high stick” penalty occurs when a player swings the hockey stick so that the face of the stick is at or above their waist
  • The typical arrangement of players in P.E. floor hockey: 3 offense players, 3 defense players, and 1 goalie
  • The only person allowed to use their feet to stop the ball is the goalie
  • The goalie is the only player allowed in the goalie box
  • Players on the court may not use their hands or feet to stop the ball

Weeks of 1/19-1/29

Tuesday: KMHS lacrosse presentation

Wednesday-Friday: Floor Hockey

Monday-Thursday: Floor Hockey

Friday 1/29-Floor Hockey Test 

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful break! This week the students are fitness testing.

Wednesday: Flexibility: Trunk Lift, Shoulder Stretch, and Sit-and-Reach

Thursday: BMI: Height and Weight

Friday: Muscular Strength and Endurance: Sit-ups and Push-ups

Monday 1/11: Cardiovascular Endurance: PACER (running test)

Tuesday-Friday 1/12-1/15: Make-up tests

Each day after the students finish the fitness test they will have the option to play basketball or indoor soccer.