Week of 8/24

This week the students started a 4-way volleyball unit. This unit will help prepare them for the volleyball unit we play later in the semester. I will observe the students’ skill level and determine which skills to focus on during the volleyball unit.

6th grade students began fitness testing.

Monday-Wednesday: Flexibility (Sit and Reach, Trunk Lift, & Shoulder Stretch) and BMI (Height and Weight)

Thursday: Muscular Strength & Endurance (Sit-ups and Push-ups)

Friday: Cardiovascular Endurance (PACER)

On Tuesday Coach Folsom and I decided to let the students choose their activities (some are outside) due to the beautiful weather!!! We will continue out units next week.


P.E. This week!

This week in P.E. the students will play fast trax. This is a kickball type game. This year the students will participate in a variety of fielding sports to learn basic offensive and defensive strategies. There will not be a written test for this game, however later in the semester the students will take a wiffle ball and/or softball test. During this week I am observing the students’ fundamental skills.

P.E. Syllabus and Fitnessgram

Today in class we handed out a syllabus to the students. Parents: Please read fill out the information on the syllabus and have you child return it by Friday. If students bring the syllabus back signed by Friday they will receive two reward tickets.  If you did not receive a copy please click the link below:

P E Syllabus 2015-2016

This week we are continuing FITNESSGRAM: The day of the tests are below

Monday: Shoulder Stretch (Flexibility)

Tuesday: Sit and Reach and Trunk Lift (Flexibility) Height and Weight (BMI)

Wednesday: Sit and Reach and Trunk Lift (Flexibility) Height and Weight (BMI)

Thursday: Sit-ups/push-ups (Muscular strength and endurance) and PACER (Cardiovascular Endurance)

Friday:Sit-ups/push-ups (Muscular strength and endurance) and PACER (Cardiovascular Endurance)

Coach Gaddy’s P.E.

Welcome to my new blog post. Last week the students were assigned a P.E. locker. The students will start dressing out on Monday so make sure to bring P.E. clothes. We will distribute the P.E. syllabus on Tuesday. Please review and sign the syllabus. The syllabi will be due 8/24.

Week of 8/10: The students will begin the FITNESSGRAM testing. The test results will be entered to the state and parents should receive a copy of the results at the end of the school year.

Stay tuned for more posts!