Last 2 weeks of School

This week will be the last full week of school unitl summer break!

The students will not have to dress-out any more and we are starting to clean out their lockers. All students should have cleaned out their locker by Friday. Please bring sneakers in order to participate.

We will give a summative test covering the rules and strategies of several of the sports/activities we have taught this semester. Below is a study guide. The test will be on Thursday 5/17

P.E. summative test 2018



Weeks of 4/23-5/4

The students will participate in flag/arena football unit. They have been divided into two groups for maximum participation. They will be graded on participation, warm-ups, and dressing-out.

Weeks of 4/9-4/16

The students will participate in a capture the flag unit when the weather is nice. They will be graded on dressing out, warm-ups, and participation. If it rains or is too cold to go outside the students will have a variety of physical activities to choose from.

Variety Week

This week due the cooler weather and rain, the students will participate in a variety of indoor games and activities (basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, fast trax, battle ball, etc.) They will be graded on dressing-out, warm-ups, and participation. We are hoping the weather will warm-up after spring break.

Weeks of 2/26-3/9

The next two weeks the students will participate in a volleyball unit. They will receive a dress out, warm-up, and participation grade for each. The students will also take a written test and skills test. The skills testing will start 3/7 and the written test will be on 3/8. Click the link below to view the volleyball skills test rubric and the volleyball test study guide.

volleyball skills test rubric 

Volleyball Study Guide 2017